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Fitness Fix has developed cost effective 1-hour seminars designed to provide a thorough background in the health and wellness areas. Cost is $20, $30 or $50 depending on the seminar, all prices below with description. Each person attending the seminar will receive an information package containing detailed information on the topics that are presented in each seminar. All seminars are held at the Fitness Fix Studio 


All seminars come with detailed information packages and resources!


Customized Seminars:

Seminar Synopsis:
Get Your Health and Wellness FIX!

The Fitness Fix has developed a series of 60 minute seminars designed to provide well researched and highly effective strategies to optimize health, energy, metabolism, function, fitness, and overall wellness!

These seminars can be held individually, combined in any time frame and/or as a set. We can come to you, or you can arrange a seminar any time at our clean and spacious fitness studio. Groups of any number can be booked, and anyone is welcome to attend our in house seminars held monthly. 

Prices are based on location, group size, and number of bookings made.
A special corporate rate is offered per seminar with a wellness package rate for 5 seminars of your choice (where one seminar is free). Please contact us for pricing. We also work with Wellness Teams and budget to provide the best possible results within a certain budget.
Detailed information packages are provided for every participant to optimize retention and results and are an extra $5.00 per person, or the charge is waived if the company manages the printing.

We have been conducting these seminars throughout western Canada since 1998 because we feel that knowledge, understanding, and planning can elicit the greatest results towards optimal health! Our passion is teaching and training for long term benefits.  Our intention is to not only improve employee health, but also to provide effective strategies to improve energy, motivation, efficiency, retention, and quality of life. We have witnessed hundreds of pounds lost, energy levels boosted, and thousands of people really change their lives! Our concepts are clean, concise, and evidence based; encouraging incredible results over the long term.  Everything we promote is attainable, fun and manageable for even the busiest person with the most limited resources. Our programs yield results because they work and they fit.

Below includes some of the companies we have, and regularly present to; references available upon request.
Devon Energy
Lightstream Resources
BP Canada
GLJ Petroleum Consultants
ARC Resources
Fortis Alberta
Industry Canada
The National Parole Board
Standard Life
Alberta Occupational Health Nurses Association
Annual Scientific Assembly for Alberta Physicians
Avanti Software
Alberta Health Services
Alberta Cancer Society
Bennett Jones
And many more…

How can our educational seminars can benefit you?

  • Long term fat loss and weight management with physiologically based explanations and fun, manageable strategies.
  • Optimizing metabolism through simple techniques which also help to prevent diabetes and other health problems while optimizing energy throughout the day and minimizing energy “crashes”.
  • Fitness training principles and techniques to maximize calorie burning, prevent injury, help fix prior injuries, fix muscle balance and posture, and also train for any activity.
  • Understand why so often we either can’t reach a goal or have such a hard time maintaining, while some people make it look so easy…why? How can we make goals stick for life? And how is willpower really related to it all?
  • Each person attending the seminar will receive an information package containing detailed information on the topics that are presented in each seminar.
  • The seminars are interactive, which means if possible we like to submit nutrition tracking sheets or activity questionnaires approximately two weeks prior to help the participants achieve more personal results with each seminar.
  • Booking a series of seminars contributes to increased accountability and goal setting, where often there is no follow up from educational sessions.

Choose your seminar, or combination of seminars for optimal results:

FIX Your Habits! Goal Setting and Motivation

  • Learn to effectively set and reach your goals in health, fitness or any aspect of your life.
    Understand why goals fail, what willpower is, how to use it and how to optimize yours
  • Gain insight on how we can do incredible things when we understand how to keep ourselves motivated and confident even in the toughest situations!
  • Strategies, goal setting sheets and a detailed information package are included to help optimize results.
  • This one is a popular “first” seminar in the series to get people excited and help them understand how to make changes without feeling overwhelmed.

Boost Your Metabolism and Increase Your Energy

  • Optimize your metabolism, and understand the physiology of burning fat to increase energy.
  • Top 10 tips for long term success and results that fit into your life without deprivation!
  • Learn how to eat, boost your metabolism and lose fat without dieting!
  • Learn about fats, protein and carbs, how they work, how much you need and how you REALLY burn fat for energy!
  • Gain tips on how to not waste time at the gym
  • Extensive information package with explanations, examples, macronutrient content of food and more is included!

How to Boost Your Energy and Metabolism Plus Optimize Your Health: Putting It All Together PART II

  • Brief Review of “Boost Your Metabolism”
  • More detailed explanations of meal planning, fitting things into your life, and long term maintenance for you and your family
  • How to identify possible food intolerances, and how to get your body to trust you and become a fat burning machine
  • Learn how to analyze your own eating and know what to look for as well as what is standing in your way. Strategies are developed so you walk away with a clear, fun, manageable plan!
  • Must track nutrition on sheets provided for at least a week prior
  • Receive an extensive package full of amazing, fun, delicious and healthy recipes.

FIX Your Health! Learn Information about Inflammation Causes and How to Decrease It, Anti-inflammatory and Alkaline Diets, Food Intolerances and More!

  • Learn more information about inflammation and the causes, the effects it has on your body, and how to prevent and decrease it.
  • Learn about serious side effects of chronic inflammation, and how to incorporate strategies to help keep your body healthy and immune system optimized to help prevent tissue damage, cancer, allergies, sickness and more.
  • Also food additives and things to avoid, plus some amazing gluten free and anti-inflammatory recipes to get you started!

FIX Your Entire Body! 10 Workouts in 20 minutes!
Yes, it can be done, and you can have fun too! Get in shape with 10 different incredible 20 minute fitness programs!
In this one hour seminar you will learn:

  • 10 amazing 20 minute workouts including cardio, core strength, functional strength, muscle balancing and toning, rehabilitation and flexibility that can all be done with minimal equipment.
  • Critical tips to ensure you train effectively and safely- for life! We focus on making you stronger and healthier, preventing injury and trauma.
  • Learn tips many trainers don’t even know to prevent injury and maximize fat burning and increased energy
  • Learn tips on correct walking and running technique to effectively use your core and prevent associated injuries
  • Extensive information package including pictures of many exercises, stretches, myofascial release techniques and the actual programs.

FIX Your Muscles: Learning Isometric Exercises to Correct Imbalances, Prevent and FIX Injuries!

  • Learn how to properly contract muscles to stabilize joint and release tension
  • Participate in this interactive course to learn and FEEL the proper mechanics of “stabilizing stretching” and teaching your body to release itself, even at your desk!
  • Practice these techniques on loved ones, yourself, or friends!
  • Seminar can be geared for individual or partner results. Bring a friend or come on your own, leave feeling rejuvenated and amazing!
  • Course includes a detailed information package with detailed pictures and examples!


FIX Your Core, Hips, and Lower Back!

  • Learn effective exercises to strengthen core, hip and back muscles for optimal posture, health and to prevent back and hip problems including sciatica, herniated disks, knee problems and more!
  • Learn what your core, key hip, and low back muscles are, how they work to stabilize you, how some muscles act and react and how to trigger them and release them is the correct ways to release pain and make you stronger with every movement!
  • Learn proper technique and exercise specifics for effective core exercises for home.
  • Receive your own detailed "Core Conditioning" information package with pictures and programs.

Understand and Fix Your Pelvic Floor

  • Learn what no one has ever told you about the pelvic floor muscles, your posture, your feet and how it all works together!
  • Understand a collaboration of latest research and exciting revelations on easy ways to improve pelvic floor function, treat back pain, improve performance in any activity, and improve quality of life!
  • Information package with diagrams, exercises and explanations is included.

*FIX Your Day! Workout at lunch! (This is priced differently booked on amount of session booked, lower than seminar pricing.)

  • Bring us in for a lunch hour strength, balance and core workout to teach you things you could never imagine, at least one tip we give you will change your life, and your posture!
  • We leave you with pictures and programs to help you get started on your own!
  • Participants will be taught in a safe, effective manner to learn exercises and also get a workout in.
  • Equipment will be provided, or seminar can be done in facility gym.
  • You can book us anytime, we come to your or you come to us! Wear workout clothes; this is usually a strength based program and training so no need for showers after. Intense cardio and strength boot camps can also be booked as continuous programs for singles or groups.

* This is priced differently booked on amount of session booked, lower than seminar pricing.

FIX Your Running and Walking Technique

  • Bring us in for a lunch hour session outdoors, where we find a pathway to practice your walking and running technique. We will stay in close quarters to each other and you can walk or run and we will work on technique for walking up and down hills, up and down stairs, running and walking and how to incorporate both to prevent injury, Complete with detailed warm up and corrective exercise you can do to keep your muscles contracting properly during any cardio exercise.
  • We leave you with pictures and programs to help you get started on your own!
  • Participants will be taught in a safe, effective manner to learn exercises and also get a workout in.
  • We can present this with videos and presentation in doors for a an hour and use a second hour outdoors if preferred to do this in two parts.
  • If enough people are present I will include another instructor to help me with the outdoor portion at no extra charge.
  • You can book us anytime, we come to your or you come to us! Wear workout clothes; but we will cater to all needs and injuries so please do not be intimidated, this is for everyone!


Other Seminars offered by our colleagues:

Yoga Workshops and Seminars
Holistic Nutrition Seminars
Back Health
Stress Management
Safety Training
and more!

Do you want to learn more about nutrition and fitness?
Would you like to create full day team building and informational events?
The Fitness Fix will customize seminars to meet your specific needs!
An information package will be included, extra costs for seminar set-up for new topics will apply.


Denise Beatty
Owner The Fitness Fix
B.Sc. Exercise & Health Physiology
Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist
Medical Exercise Specialist
Certified Fitness Consultant
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