All new clients receive a comprehensive full body assessment for movement, body position, muscle imbalances and visual vestibular deficits that affect all movement.

This is critical so that we can accurately and effectively design a plan to optimize function, minimize injury and pain.

NOTE: There will be brief assessments at the start of each session to help your trainer know where they need to focus your exercises.



Muscle Systems Assessment: Kim Tilander

This assessment includes complete postural, range of motion and gentle muscle responsiveness testing to thoroughly assess any movement deficiencies, muscle imbalances and issues with transmitting forces though the body in any area.

The results from this session will provide Kim with a clearer idea of where your body is compensating, and what exercises can help weaker muscles work better and the body to work better as a whole.


Neurological and Full Body Assessment: Denise Beatty

The visual and vestibular systems can contribute 80% of all the signaling to the entire body for movement. If these systems are off, you will always overload a side or area and rehabilitation is very difficult. The muscles can only do so much without accurate signals from the brain.

In this session initial gait analysis, posture, visual and vestibular assessments, full body muscle testing and breathing analysis for optimal brain function is completed.

Visual, vestibular, specific breathing techniques and specific exercises are practiced and tested to see what may most positively affect the entire body. 

The results from this session will be the guide for the creation of a comprehensive plan, complete with videos, pictures and written descriptions of the most important exercises, and is sent after the session.


ASSESSMENT COST: $250+ GST for 90 minute session.


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